Last updated: June 30th, 2019


What is VIABI ?

VIABI is the the AI virtual assistant with voice commands for professionals and stands for Virtual Intelligent Assistant for Business Interactions

Why VIABI doesn't know the weather ?

At the opposite of chatbots and classic conversational assistants, VIABI has been designed for a professional usage. While VIABI covers hundreds of functionnalities, it is not infinite and then can not respond to everything

I'm making a report but I don't know what are the categories to filter and make regroupements

If you don't know the categories, you can ask for a report with the simpliest query in this format : The [FUNCTION] of [ENTITY TO ANALYZE], where FUNCTION is amoung Total, Sum, Average, Minimum, Maximum. VIABI will show you then the categories and the available regroupements

I can't download VIABI from the app store with my iOS device

Be sure that you have downloaded the latest iOS software version. VIABI requires at least iOS 10 version

Where is my data stored ?

Your data is stored in both Amazon Web Service and Google Cloud Platform servers with a daily backup. Terms of services are available here for google and here for Amazon.